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Who is Steve Martin’s wife? Ann Stringfield Vicky Bio

Ann Stringfield was born in 1972 in Pensacola, Florida, USA. She is an American citizen, a writer, worked for The New Yorker magazine and was in the spotlight after she married Steve Martin, a famous actor and comedian.

Childhood and education

Ann and her younger sister grew up in Pensacola where they were raised by Margot and Dr. James Stringfield – Margot is an archaeologist and currently works at the University of West Florida while James is a pulmonologist.

Anne attended high school in Pensacola before attending Davidson College in North Carolina, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in 1994.

Anna’s career

Ann began working as a writer and editor immediately after college and remained in the same field until the mid-2000s, when she met Steve Martin – she is best known for her contributions to The New Yorker, but she also wrote for Vogue magazine for a while and reviewed a number of off-Broadway plays.

Love life and marriage to Steve Martin

Ann and Steve met in 2004 while Ann worked as a fact checker for The New Yorker – she contacted Steve to verify his comedy story and they stayed on the phone for a one-on-one meeting a year later. Steve is an introvert actor and comedian who was attracted to Anna’s embarrassment when they met in person – they were married on November 28. July 2007 at a surprise party at Steve Martin’s in Los Angeles.

About 75 people attended the party, including their closest friends and relatives and celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Ricky Jay and Eugene Levy – most of those present only knew about the party and not the wedding. This was Stephen’s second marriage, as he was married to Victoria Tennant, a British actress, from 1986 to 1994 – after his divorce from Victoria, he also had a relationship with Bernadette Peters.

Anna gave birth to her daughter Mary in December 2012 when she was 40 years old – she was 67 when Mary Stephen was born, and she became a father at that age and attracted a lot of media attention.

Likes other interests

A big fan of all kinds of art since she was a teenager, Anna is a passionate art collector – she is the curator of the Los Angeles Museum of Art. Her hobbies are reading and travelling – her favourite writers are Agatha Christie and Hermann Hessen. She is a very shy person and is rarely seen with Stephen on the red carpet, but she often travels with her husband and her dream is to go to Miami, Florida.

Steve Martin and Ann Stringfield.

Steve Martin and Ann Stringfield.

Anna’s interest in journalism began when she started high school, but at the time she also wanted to become an actress – she spent most of her teenage years watching films where comedy was her favourite genre and Ace Ventura and Airplan!

Appearance and net value

Anne is 47 years old. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, is 1.7 meters tall and weighs about 58 kg. His personal net worth is over $500,000, while Steve has over $130 million.

Who’s Steve Martin, Anna’s husband?

Stephen Glenn Martin was born on the 14th. Born in August 1945 in Waco, Texas, USA – his trademark is the Lion and he has American nationality. Steve – actor and comedian, perhaps the most famous in recent years for his leading role in the film It’s difficult in 2009.

Steve grew up in Inglewood, California, his father Glenn Vernon Martin and his mother Mary Lee – Glenn was an actor and real estate salesman. Steve has a sister, Melinda Martin, and they both went to Garden Grove High School. After graduating, he attended Santa Ana College, after which he was transferred to the University of California in Los Angeles, but quit at the age of 21.

Stephen started working at a very young age – his first job was at Disneyland, where he sold travel guides over the weekend from 1955 to 1958 and also accidentally appeared in films after falling into the background of the Disney Dream film. During his stay at Disneyland he began to learn tricks and illusions and eventually went to work in the magic shop of Fantasyland.

Steve’s ex-girlfriend, Nina Goldblatt, helped him get a job writing the Thought Brothers Comedy Hour in 1967 – Steve won his first Emmy Award for what he did for the series, while his first performance in the series also took place in 1968.

He soon started shooting stand-up comedies and in the mid 70’s he appeared regularly at the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. He started releasing comedy albums, which became platinum thanks to the fame he gained after his television appearances.

He began his acting career in the 1970s – one of his first appearances was in The Other Cute Disorder in 1972, followed by roles in The Waiter Unconscious in 1977 and The Dart in 1979. His first serious film was Penny from Heaven in 1981, he appeared in The Man with Two Brains in 1983 and All About Me in 1984.  He starred in the film Parenthood 1989 and the comedy Father of the Bride 1991.

Over the years he has appeared in numerous films, including The Spanish Prisoner 1997, The Shop Girl 2005 and The Great Year 2011, with a total of about 60 films.

As a writer he has written several plays, the first Picasso in Manoeuvrability of Rabbit in 1993, the other Le plaisir de ma compagnie in 2003, Né debout in 2007 and Traître in 2008. He is also a musician and has been playing since he was 17. Over the years he has played banjo with several bands and released many albums with them.



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