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Andy Basich was killed on the 25th. Born in January 1959 in Washington, DC, USA, he is best known as the star of the reality TV show Life Below Zero. So his nationality is American, his astrological sign is Aquarius and he is 60 years old since 2019. Bassich was a student at John F. Kennedy High School, but his education stopped there – he didn’t go to university but became a carpenter and joiner. His connection to Alaska began in 1976, when he came to visit. However, he had to go home for his sister’s wedding, but then Andy, driven by emotion and nostalgia, went north again.

According to reports he had always dreamed of living in a remote area full of trees, so Alaska was the right choice for him.

Commenting on his decision to move to Alaska, Bassich said he never regretted it, and I never look back on it. That’s where I’m supposed to be.  Its net value at the end of 2019 is $250,000. He is often referred to as the king of nature, and throughout the series he has proved more than once that he deserves this title.

Status of relations

Andy was previously married to a woman named Kate, who also appeared in life below zero, but their relationship failed, leading to a divorce in 2016. This wedding gives Andy a daughter. In 2019 Basic had to find love again and went out with a woman named Deniz. They would have met on a canoe trip to Florida in 2017, but were unwilling to commit to each other. However, the Canadian woman explained that she was now ready to change her lifestyle and move to the wilderness.

Her family also owns a farm where she worked. Calico Bluff is full of work, full of great work. A real job that counts at the end of the day, she explained. When you meet Bassich, you see Denise in Life Below Zero helping her boyfriend with his tasks. He was recently injured and had to rest and slow down a bit. His admirers continued to write him many messages that supported him and wished him well.

As for his ex-wife Kate, she’s in good health, and after breaking up with Andy, she went online on his social network – memories are good, friends are good.


At the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 rumours about Bassich’s aggressive behaviour appeared on the internet – he is said to have beaten his ex-wife Kate, but none of these alleged incidents were further spread. A man on Twitter wrote that she couldn’t take it anymore, and added he now has a new girl to beat, and I’m sure he’ll be yelling at her soon!

Andy Basic

Andy Basic


Andy made his television debut in 2013 in the cast of Life Under Zero, a documentary television series that tells the story of life in Alaska. The series is still aired and consists of 96 episodes. Other stars in the series include members of the Hailstone family, Chip and Agnes Hailstone and their children, as well as Sue Aikens and Heimo Court. Andy is not in social media, but you can follow his life on Twitter Life Below Zero. In 2016 a documentary film about his life in freedom and independence was presented to him.

Andy’s pack has over 20 dogs to help him hunt.

Life span below zero

Life Below Zero is a documentary series produced by BBC Worldwide that follows the activities of hunters in Alaska. The series is broadcast on National Geographic and has received a generally positive response from viewers who have been touched by the lifestyle of these adventurers. The series can also be found on Amazon, and some excerpts of the episodes can be viewed on YouTube.

Some of the videos available on the latest – Alaska Storm – behind the scenes | Life Below Zero, Face to Face with Grizzly Bear | Earth Unplugged and Survival Alaska Alone, the latest tour of VICE, one of the leading modern stores. There are also video clips such as Living in a Salon with a sub-zero power or Living in a Salon with a sub-zero power or Living in a Salon with a sub-zero power: Winter storage and ice fishing Catching and preparing food, and uncontrolled – behind the scenes | Life below zero has hundreds of thousands of sights.

Why did Sue Aikens move?

The audience wondered why their favorite fan, Sue Aikens, had decided to leave her house in Alaska. Things change. I’m a little tired. Everything hurts, which never happened, she explained, and unfortunately left her followers behind. However, she added that she has no land in Kawika and that she only has improvements, which means that she can still be deported if the government decides to use the land. Mrs Aikens stated that she is currently working on an emergency plan and making decisions about her future.



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