Andrea Thoma with Grant Gustin

Who is Andrea Toma?

Andrea Toma was killed on the 11th. She was born in Malaysia in July 1988 and is a physiotherapist, but above all she is the wife of the actor and singer Grant Gastin. Her husband became famous for his rendition of the Barry Allen / Flash character in the Flash series, part of the CW Arrow television series.

Andrea Tom’s Wealth

Andrea Toma has acquired wealth through her work in physical therapy, but most seems to be due to the fact that she shares in the financial success of her husband, who is estimated to be worth over $5 million. The couple tries to increase their wealth throughout their careers and she has also gained fame through the social media she has acquired through her association with the actor.

Childhood and education

Andrea was born in Malaysia, but her parents soon decided that the family should move to the United States in search of a better life and settled in Alliance, Ohio, where she will grow up with two siblings.

Although she became familiar with American culture in her youth, her mother proposed to continue the original traditions and heritage of Borneo. This is how Andrea learned to speak Malay and she knows the customs that were practiced in her country. She went to St. Mary’s High School. Thomas van Aquino, where she worked actively with the school’s athletics team, but succeeded in football and played for the school team. She has set many records and has been selected to represent the NSCAA/Adidas All-Region III team. She also played soccer for the Big Akron Premier club.

Training and career

After high school, Tom went to Kent State University where she graduated with a degree in motion physiology. She continued to play soccer with the varsity team, although her performance was delayed by an injury. She scored a lot of points in matches with the team and became 19 players – in the history of her school.  After her graduation she followed the postgraduate course in physiotherapy at Old Dominion University. ODU is a public university in Norfolk, Virginia, founded in 1930. It has more than 24,000 students from more than 89 countries.

After her graduation she worked briefly as a physiotherapist in Virginia and Connecticut. Then she moved to California, where she rehearsed in Sunnyvale. She started to get a lot of attention online after her relationship with Grant Gustin became known. His Instagram report has gained many supporters in a short period of time and many of them have retained their interest thanks to his specialization in physiotherapy. In her daily exercises, demonstration videos, also about stretching and exercises, she often encouraged the right posture. She also increased her reach on YouTube by making a longer video for her channel.

Husband – guest allowance

Grant Gastin showed his singing and acting skills at an early age and was determined to find his big breakthrough in the entertainment industry. After his graduation he started performing on Broadway, which led him to become the star in the television series Glee Club, in which he played the openly gay Sebastian Smythe. The television series that was broadcast on Fox was dedicated to a fictional choir called New Directions, which took part in a competition for show choir.

After the show he switched to other television projects and independent films. In 2013 he would appear as Barry Allen in three episodes of Arrow’s guest role, marking a possible side series. This led to the creation of The Flash, which would increase its popularity with the general public. The show follows a crime scene detective who has turned into a superhuman runner, Barry Allen, as he fights criminals who have also been given superhuman powers. The show has proven its popularity and has been running for more than six seasons. She is also responsible for the development of another show called Legends of Tomorrow.

Andrea Toma with Grant Gustin.

Andrea Toma with Grant Gustin.

Personal life

Andrea met Grant at a dinner in December 2016 organized by the Sabah Tourism Board. A month later they started dating and soon fell in love. He wanted to propose to her after an invitation to the film, but could not find the time because of the busy schedule and the commitment to Flash. Instead, he offered them a few months of their relationship while they were training on the beach, a spontaneous act that surprised Tom.

The engagement was announced by Instagram, and a year later they were married to Valentine DTLA in Los Angeles. They also had a more traditional wedding to follow the family tradition in KG Kolopis Penampang in their parents’ house. Since then they seem to have remained happily married and often support each other, as can be seen in social networks. She was also friends with some of Gustin’s shooting stars. There are no indications that either of them will have children soon, as both are still developing their careers.

Her brother works in sales at Marriott Hotels, while her sister works in business development at Hyperiod Motors.



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