Amanda Martin

Who is Amanda Martin?

Amanda Jill Kitley was arrested on the 11th. Born December 1973 in Red Oak, Texas, USA She is not only a businesswoman, but also the hostess of a reality TV show, best known as a regular cast member of a show called Iron Sunday. She was at the show with her business partner, her husband Joe Martin, and his team.

Amanda Martin’s Wealth

Amanda Martin’s net asset value is estimated at more than $300,000, mainly due to the success of her company.

His iron resurrection work and his earlier work in banking also contributed to this wealth. She is also likely to benefit from the success of her husband, whose net worth is estimated at over $700,000.

Childhood, education and training

Amanda grew up in Red Oak with three brothers and sisters who all went to Red Oak High School. After receiving her certificate of enrolment, the details of her university education are unknown, except that she has followed a financial study.

She then started working for Wells Fargo in Plano, Texas and moved up to the position of Bank Manager at a banking and financial services firm with offices throughout the United States. It is one of the largest banks in the country, with assets in excess of $2 trillion, and competes with companies such as JPMorgan Chase, ICBC, Bank of America and Citigroup. She served with the company for five years, which helped her get rich.

Amanda Martin

Amanda Martin

Banking and transition

Martin was then hired by Pioneer Bank in Austin, Texas, where she served as Assistant Vice President for two years. Compared to her previous job, she worked in a much smaller bank and her experience was valuable. After those two years, she was promoted to Vice President of Deposit Operations, a position she held for another two years before becoming their Product Manager. She eventually left the company in 2017 because she wanted to find better opportunities than working in the office.

Around the same time, her husband had just won a television competition that helped him get enough attention and money to start his own business with his wife as a business partner – to be called Martin Brothers Customs. As their name suggests, they are known for modifying cars, specialising in restoring or converting classic cars. They had a third business partner, Jason Martin, Joe’s brother, and a close friend of the family, Jason Arrington, who specializes in marketing.

Iron resurrection and recent projects

To support the company, the partners organised a show for Velocity Network that was a success and led to the creation of Iron Sunday. In the exhibition, the couple and their restoration team go in search of abandoned or damaged cars and bicycles, repair them and sell them for profit. The show started airing in 2016 and brought Amanda some fame for her character and charisma. The series was broadcast for three seasons and 23 episodes, and the team is currently working on the fourth season, which will travel throughout the country.

The company develops successfully through TV content and collaboration with other car manufacturers. They regularly appear at car shows where they meet a lot of potential customers. Thanks to the exhibition they have several celebrities and high-ranking clients. His most recent projects include Lincoln Continental 1964, Big Red Bobber and Pontiac Firebird 1973, all of which were shown at the Iron Sunday exhibition.

They also buy vehicles and carry out custom work according to their clients’ budgets. She was also promoting products with her company’s logo. Some of their cars are auctioned off for charity.

Personal life

Amanda is married to Joe Martin, although few details about their relationship and marriage have been published. They are very close, which is even shown by the fact that they trust each other when it comes to doing business.

The business idea came to Joe after he won a biker design contest organized by Discovery Channel.

A couple has three children, and the youngest would have cancer. She preserves the privacy of her children by providing them with small media. The family lives mainly in Johnson City, Texas, although their work often allows them to travel throughout the country.



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