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Alisha Del Valle was arrested on the 27th. She was born in June 1972 in East Los Angeles, USA. Her badge of distinction is cancer and she’s an American citizen. She is a journalist and currently works as a traffic correspondent for the NBC4 network.

Childhood and education

Alisha grew up in East Los Angeles in a family of Latin American activists and often gives her parents the credit for her good manners and respect for people of all ages and nationalities. She was very talkative throughout her childhood and often caused problems in primary school when she kept talking in class.

After completing high school top of her class, she went to the University of Southern California on a scholarship and graduated with honor in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree in communications.

Journalistic career

Alisha first joined Los Angeles Fox 11 News, where she worked in her office and was online for two years before being able to report episodically on local human interest stories. After leaving Fox 11, she started working at Hot 92 Jamz and became a reporter for George Lopez’s morning show.

From there, Alisha switched to 102.7 KIIS FM and became the host of two sections of her morning shows – she was very popular on the streets of Alisha Del Valle. In her contributions, Alisha talked about topical entertainment, lifestyle and cultural topics that were broadcast in the morning on Rick Dis and on the air with Ryan Seacrest. At the same time, Alisha worked as a presenter of the evening show LATV LIVE, which was broadcast on the LATTV network.

In 2017 Alisha started working for ABC7 KABC-TV as a traffic reporter for EyeWitness News, but left the station a few months later.

Today she works on Latino 96.3 FM and is co-host of one of her evening shows and a traffic reporter for the KNBC.

ABC7 Rumours of employment and redundancies

The 22nd. In August 2017, Alisha was hired by ABC7 as a traffic reporter and host for one of their shows, but she spent less than three months there before resigning and joining the KNBC. There are rumours that the journalist was fired for unknown reasons because she left the network without saying goodbye or explaining the reasons. However, on 15 November 2017 she twittered to the public and said that her contract was over and that she simply wasn’t ABC7.

Love life and spouse

Alisha started a relationship with her school sweetheart in 1991. They were together for two years before she became pregnant and on the seventh day of her birth. In June 1994 she gave birth to her daughter Raine Paloma, but the relationship did not last until shortly after Raine’s birth, as both divorces seem to have been caused by her partner’s infidelity. Alisha and the man in question do not have a good relationship because she had to raise the child alone, but Raine was close to her father for many years and she often uploaded photos with him on his social media accounts.

Alisha Del Valle

Alisha Del Valle

Rayna’s father married sometime in the 2000s and has two children with his wife. There were rumours on the internet that Alisha was currently seeing a man working for the ABC7 network, but this was not confirmed. She’s currently single and never been married.

Likes other interests

Alisha is a big sports fan and can often be seen at football and hockey games, while she also enjoys watching the football and basketball teams of the University of Southern California.

A philanthropist since childhood, she contributes to society – she is currently a board member of the University of Southern California’s Neighborhood Academic Initiative, which helps underprivileged children graduate from California’s top universities. Over the years she has donated money to various programs including VotoLatino, Reading to Kids, Adelante Mujer and others.

Alisha loves to read and travel in her spare time – her dream spot is London, England.

She is interested in different kitchens and her favorite is the Mexican kitchen. She also likes to watch movies and TV series. His favorite actors and actresses are Sylvester Stalone and Julia Roberts, while some of his favorite movies When Harry meets Sally and The Lost are translated. His favorite show is Friends.

Appearance and net value

Alisha’s 47. She has long black hair and brown eyes, is 1.57 m long and weighs about 51 kg.

Her net worth exceeds the $1 million she raised in her 25-year career in broadcast journalism.

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