Aaron Kaufman

Aaron Kaufman’s net worth is $6 million.

This amount is expected to increase with his new project in the pipeline. He has just landed his own TV show, Shifting Gears TV, which is also aired on Discovery.

Net value $6,000,000
Name and surname Aaron Kaufman
Date of birth/century 26. January 1982
37 years old.
source of income Television personality, car mechanic
Height 5’9
Country of origin UNITED STATES
Country / city of origin Crowley, Texas.
Last update 2019

Shareholders’ equity

Aaron Kaufman’s net worth is $6 million.

This amount is expected to increase with his new project in the pipeline. He has just landed his own TV show, Shifting Gears TV, which is also aired on Discovery.

How much does Aaron Kaufman earn each year?

Aaron Kaufman makes about $50,000 a delivery. The amount is divided between a minimum of $10,000 and a maximum of about $40,000 for the work he has done. The money he will make for his new company has not yet been announced.

How does Aaron Kaufman earn his money?

Aaron Kaufman makes money from these episodes and also sells merchandise. He’s got hats, stickers, T-shirts and F-100 parts.

He now has his own production workshop in stock and online, which he earns by selling Arclight Fabrication. For online stores the website is called Arclightfab.com.

Beginning of life

Aaron Kaufmann’s date of birth is 26 years old. January 1982. He was born in Crowley, Texas. When he was little, he had a special interest and talent for taking things apart and repairing them in different ways.

As he grew up, he got carried away by cars and soon became part of the world of hot rods. Kaufman went to Crowley High School.

He sharpened his talent and became a master, self-taught, mechanic and factory worker. He immediately went to work in a nearby shop, and soon afterwards Richard Rawlings, a fellow contractor and mechanic, found him.

Rawlings stops at the garage where Kaufman works and asks him to let his witness drive his ’53 Ford Mainline. Kaufman was the best man, and he immediately impressed Rawlings with his skills.

Rawlings kept this in mind and when he decided to start a new project, he turned to Kaufmann to become his business partner. Both developed the concept of a garage for gas monkeys and presented it on television under the title Fast N’ Loud.

The show consists of a team of gas monkeys chasing old and battered cars and bringing them back to life. The show was first aired on Discovery in 2012 and didn’t last long. It has brought great glory and wealth to the trading partners.

Personal life

Aaron Kaufman spent just over three years with Lindsay J… Their relationship ended before Kaufman succeeded with Fast N’ Loud. After the couple broke up and Kaufman became famous, Lindsay started a blog called About That Bearded Guy.

In her blog she posted pictures of both of them and pictures of Aaron without a beard and answered questions about their relationship.

Despite the fact that Aaron Kaufman is not married, he has a long relationship with his girlfriend Lauren Moore Knob. The couple has been together since 2013 and they live together. In fact, Lauren appeared in Fast N Loud just before Aaron left the series in December 2016.

The couple had an eventful relationship, which is reflected in their Instagram accounts. They shared the fact that they like to travel and although they don’t have children now, they have some beautiful dogs called Lola and Bastian.

Usually the couple becomes strong and all fans encourage them to get married. You’d be more than happy to have Lauren as your wife.


Aaron Kaufman went to work at the local store. One day Richard Rawlings came to the store looking for the best man and finally found Kaufman.

They got along well and Rawlings wanted them to work together as business partners. Eventually, Kaufmann left his job and started a brand new company with Rawlings, which gained great wealth and even fame.

They worked together for 14 years, dismantling machines, repairing them and selling them. The main points of the process were presented in a real TV show, Fast N Loud on Discovery.

Unfortunately, Kaufman said that the timing was unrealistic and that the pressure on him was too great. He was locked in projects and couldn’t do anything else.

Anyway, he didn’t feel comfortable finishing the job in a couple of weeks. He understood that it would be more pleasant if he took the time to do as he wanted. He’s decided to quit the show.

Rawlings was saddened by the loss of a business partner and co-star, but there are no resentments. The gas monkey even publicly supported Kaufmann and his Arclight factory on the company’s blog page.

In addition to the Kaufman Factory Store, the blog also reported on the upcoming event that Kaufman will hold for fans of Ford truck models, and even announced its product for sale to encourage fans to show a little love.

Aaron Kaufman left Fast N Loud to concentrate on his own show Shifting Gears. He’s still talking to the station about his ideas for the show. His goal is to make a hit show, but he wants to watch car television from a different angle.

When he starts working on TV cars again, it’s because of the excitement, the imagination and the good vibrations that come out of the cars. Vehicles are also not auctioned at a profit. He says he’ll do the work for television, and it’ll be fun for everyone.

Aaron Kaufman has a thing for Ford. He wants to work on the F-100 trucks. He’s already set up his factory, Arclight. The website is available at arclightfab.com.

Aaron Kaufmann’s net assets have now reached $6,000,000.

Interesting facts

Aaron Kaufmann’s work has won several awards. In 2015 he was named Top 25 Young Event Professional by Special Event magazine. He was also honoured as chairman of the Toronto branch of the International Special Events Society.

Aaron Kaufman is still working on the details of his next exhibition. He says he likes to have fun, but he doesn’t consider himself part of the entertainment community. As far as housing is concerned, he says he will always be the first to be part of the automotive world.

After leaving the Fast N’ Loud show, Kaufman says he doesn’t have any work to draw up the tracks of the gas monkey garage. It seems that the partners have taken very different paths and have developed a company that they can really give 100%.

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